Kelly Willard

HELLO, and WELCOME to my new website! I hope that you will enjoy your visit here!

I chose this picture as the backdrop because it represents my life goal ~ to have a truly passionate heart for worshiping Jesus and to live totally surrendered to Him.

If the world has EVER needed Jesus, it needs Him NOW!

We are His hands and feet, and He wants to use us to reach out to a lost and dying world.

Might we seek to fall deeper in Love with Him in this new year? That is my desire for us all.

So, on this website, you will have the chance to read a little bit about my life and testimony, and you will

be able to hear some of my music and purchase some if you'd like. I also plan to

make regular entries to my Blog, which you can respond to with comments of your

own. It's a nice chance to fellowship, even if we haven't met in person.

Thank you so much for dropping in, and please come back anytime!

For the rewards of His suffering,

~Kelly Willard