Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs

Kelly Willard

This album was originally recorded in 1983. It is true vintage worship music. Kelly considers this to be, "a look at my personal relationship with God, through music." The music is tastefully produced, inspired and inspiring. A must hear!

"I had such a wonderful time hand-picking all of the songs for this album...each one has a special meaning to my life. such as the old hymn, from the early 1950's, called "Follow Me". I grew up singing that one in church, as well as the medley of "Nothing But the Blood of Jesus-Are You Washed In the Blood". The arranger and I were particularly inspired by Dave Grusin's piano music at that time, so we "borrowed" a little bit of style from him and came up with an arrangement that has been copied many times over. I love the "slower" songs that are so worshipful, such as "Psalm 139-Where Could I Go From Your Spirit", and "I Feel Like I Wanna Praise Jesus". I feel that this is one of my very best albums, and the sales over the years have proved it to be so...It has been my "best-seller"! Join along with me in the true spirit of worship to Jesus our Lord and King. Enjoy!

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