I have been listening to your music since the 70's and have all of your albums and CDs. I just ordered your latest CD and am eagerly waiting for it to arrive. Thank you for recording again. Cathie Savage

So enjoying "Charity" from a long forgotten time [Paga album]. It brings it all back to the foreground. Thank you and may God continue to bless you. Bob Moore

Meditating on Romans 8:26-28 this morning made me think of your song that says, "The Spirit gives groanings too deep for words. So here I am take now," and I am taken back to a time in my little Honda Civic in 1985 praying for a friend falling away. I was listening to this song on the road down 99W in Oregon, and God's Spirit took over in praying for her. Thank you.

Hi Kelly! I remember you from 1977, when you came to my parents' home in Garden Grove, CA and worshiped with our youth Bible study group. What a blessing! You have such a sweet spirit. God bless you to overflowing for your devotion to Him and His purpose.
Thank you. Cheryl

Dearest Kelly, I happened to check out the web-site and saw that PAGA' is finally here and the ordering is about to begin. I heard the music clips - brought back a load of memories. I remember some of the songs. Oh, how I wish you Gods best, love, strength, healing and hope as you walk through this next step. I believe it is a beginning of more of what He has for you. The birthing of this project has been painful, but I think that some of the most beautiful things that are brought into being are created in the unseen. Noone knows what it took for it to be birthed, only the Keeper and Giver of Life. Anyhow, I do not know if I am making any sense. But, my heart is stirred inside to pray for you. I have not forgotten - I still pray for you. In the stillness, may you sense His Presence and His Pleasure, as you minister to Him and give Him all the secret places. 
P.S. - Is that Haylie dancing on the cover? I could not tell. 
Love - Bonnie

I have loved you forever.....I was so excited to find your web site because I have looked for you CD since mine was sooooo worn out for years, in every bible book store.....You are my all time favorite female singer.....even when you sing back up for someone I pick your voice out.....Your voice is so "anointed" it always goes straight to my heart.....Just wanted you to know your music has brought me through so many trials and I give it away so much that I will be ordering more!!! I want your latest also.....Thanks so much You are Blessed !!! And you are Blessing Others So Very Much xoxoxo 
LaVonna Barbieri

Dear Kelly, 
I received your CD in the mail and listened to it yesterday on my way to work. I'm going to go back to your website. I just had to write you and share with you how much your songs helped me make it last night at work. Times are stressful these days and, "wrap my heart within your love and keep me warm, Jesus", is extra special. 
Thank you, from my heart, 
Carol Jarvis

p.s. I hope that everything is wonderful with your heart. If there's any overwhelming challenges you're dealing with I lift up my heart full of hope for you to God on your behalf. Well, I just do anyway, especially since my heart has been so warmed and herded into his safety with help from your songs. Yesterday was so hard. You are a God-send. I listened to Willing Heart some years ago. I still have the album. God bless you so much!

I was saved in '78 & so glad to become reacquainted with Kelly Willard. She is a soldier of the Lord! 
Juliet DeRienzo

"Thank you for sharing I was just on fb and saw your comment and thought I would take a look here! Fabulous pictures...love Kellys voice and her spirit..she sings from the heart ....you have people who can sing and they sound wonderful but Kelly has that something extra....passion...again thanks for sharing. 
audrey bisset 
(Re: Pictoral History of Kelly Willard on You Tube)

Dear Kelly, 
As I was writing, I very much appreciate your making the CD available. I still have the vinyl copy from the 80's. Your rendition of Follow Me is the best of any I have heard. It has been my prayer and carried me through the years. Your interpretation is a conduit to the heart of God. 
John W.

Dear Kelly, 
It's an honour to hear from you personally. Can I just trouble you to say that I recently returned to the Lord after 19 years away. I've sought out your music which helped inspire me in a very loving relationship with Jesus which he by his mercy has given me again. It has also been inspiring to find that you are 'intact' in the Lord after all you've been through and I have been praying for you and your continued closeness to God. 
Kind regards, Helen Doogue

Dear Kelly, I am just so glad to get this today! We have a retreat this weekend and I really wanted to share this song. Your timing is perfect. Your songs have been a blessing. Back in the 80's I had a cassette tape of your Psalms, Hymns, and Praise. For years I could never find your music, but the songs you wrote got buried in my heart. I was singing one to a co-worker at my work and I decided on impulse to google your name and popped up your web site. What a blessing your music is. I just ordered some more. I call them 'singing out the back door at night' songs. 
Thanks for using your gift for Him. 

Dear Kelly, 
Just to thank you for the CDs which arrived on Monday. They have been a great blessing since arriving. Your blessing to me of 1 Cor 13 has been spot on as this is the area that God has been developing in my life-loving and forgiving. 
Be blessed Kelly. Thank you again. 
Michael Ng

I heard kelly sing at a friends wedding many years ago so beautiful and real. During some of the hardest times in my life GOD used her songs to minister to me and lift me up. I still listen to her songs today and they still bless me. THANK YOU my heavenly father for such a gift in her.

Hey Kelly! Just listened to your album PAGA' - just wanted to let you know how much your music has blessed me over the years - I hope and pray you are doing well! 
Ken Eichler

Hi Kelly, I wanted to let you know that in the midst of a tremendous trial regarding my cuerrent job, and in seeking a new job this song began to rise up and play in my heart this morning. It has probably been several years since I last listened to Praise 12, but it drew tears to my eyes and I have no doubt that it was God's Spirit using it to minister encouragement to me. I have always loved your voice and found it very soothing to my heart. 
Blessings to you dear sister. 
Randy Brackett

Kelly, I just wanted you to know what a pleasure it was meeting you this evening, and to once again let you know how much your music blesses me. The first time I heard you was during the men's retreat when you lead worship on that Sunday when the guys were gone. It had been a very long time since I was truly able to worship at a church service. It seems now a days most worship is just little mini concerts but yours went deep into my heart and touched my soul. To me music is one of God's greatest gifts and you truly have a God-given talent that not only touches my heart but each one who is blessed to hear you. I look forward to getting to know you more�God bless, 
Maureen (Mo) Mullen

You've helped me go on, Kelly. Nobody but you can write... "At the bottom of the mountain, there's a river. And it flows into to the valley down below. It is there I find the courage to keep holding onto You, when I've done all I can do, Only You can see me through..." I'm sorry for all you've been through. Thanks for teaching me... "A Million Ways to Serve You" b/c I would be left out of the "fold" otherwise. 
- Camille Harrison

Blame It On The One I Love: I used to listen to this album for hours on end when I was in high school in Guatemala. Back in the days before walkmans, I would memorize the songs then hike up to a nearby hill and sing the songs to myself while staring out at the scenery. 
- Felicia Jenkins Birney

Blame It On The One I Love: Have the Vinyl LP somewhere, and will get the iTunes version later. Stationed on a ship in San Diego around 1978-1979, worked mid-shift in the computer room. Lived about 30 minutes from the base, and the wonderful spiritual message of these songs was always in my car to and from work, and helped me through some tough times. Thanks Kelly! Praise God! 
- Kevin Engle

Blame it on the one I love: He's the only one who can make me happy...I had just gotten saved when I first heard this song and today it is more true than ever.....Thank you Kelly!!! 
- Kathi Scarola Miles

Blame It On The One I Love: Great memories of great songs on this album. Thanks, Kelly, for your faithfulness through the years. 
- Ron Harris

I am so glad you are doing concerts! I am sure that there are folks in States around the US that would love to see you again. You have blessed so many with your ministry. Thank you! I will continue to keep you, your family and ministry in my prayers! 
- Bill Ross

Your heart and ability to communicate through song is absolutely beautiful.. 
- Daniel Jennigs

I heard one of your songs on the radio today. It was a Catholic station so I was a bit surprised. But blessed just the same. Thanks Kelly for continuing to bless us with your Beautiful voice. God Bless you :) 
- Gordon McNeill

Beautiful. Kelly I was given a 45 at a concert by a promoter called "Blame It On the One I Love" by an artist named Kelly Willard. I became a fan. I absolutely wore the cassette out entitled "Message From a King" with a little boy drawn that was lifting his hands upward. You are an angel singing and your humility is convicting and your anointing is life-changing. I love you and your ministry. 
- Jeff Ferguson

I am sure there are countless stories from people who God has blessed through your music. You may only hear a few of them; you may not want to hear some of them. But the recipients of His blessing through your gifts are hopefully very thankful - as I have been and am. 
- Bill Kim

Dear sister Kelly, this is Renato Giuliani. You would not know me, but I am a missionary working in Rome, Italy, and, among otherthings, quite involved in the field of music. I really wanted to thank you for your ministry through the years, which reached my wife and I in the eighties, when we first heard your album "Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs". Even after so many years, that still remains one of our favorite. At this point, we only preserve an old cassete tape of it, but we would love to get the CD. In Christ Jesus. 
- Renato Giuliani

Yay - Kelly Willard, you are the best - pray all is well with you - thank you for all the music that inspired me and so many others as we developed our love relationship with Jesus - Mike Welte

Hi Kelly! :) Just stopping by to remind you what a wonderful blessing you always are. :) By the way, I recently re-listened to one of your classic early albums, "Blame It On The One I Love", as well as your more recent "Heartsick For Heaven"...all great stuff, and your voice remains as angelic and simply beautiful as always. :) I pray that all is going well for you. 
- Bob Welc

Hi Kelly, I'm just one among many who have been influenced by you through Praise and Worship. I just wanna say God bless you in the ministry God has called you to be His vessel of honor in His kingdom. 
- Hansel Vitalicio

I've learned a lot about how to worship God from your music. It's inspired me to write music and teach others how to worship as well. Thank you for your obedience. Richest blessings to you. - Larry Hart

Your music makes me see the horizon of Heaven. Larry Alexander

Thank you Kelly. Thanks for all the years of loving God ad loving us to sing to him. Made a differnce to a guy like me. Love and Honor. 
Wyman Keith Ward

Kelly, I just completed auditioning your new album and believe it to be one of your best projects. Your voice crosses various musical genres,yet in this project you have hit a home run in this overall country feel with lyrics that speak to life, love and powerfully to the heart. 
Ron Maxwell

Yes Kelly, Thank you so much for your follow up. As I mentioned before the music that our Lord has blessed you with touches me on such a deep level. Isn't our God so Wonderful!!!! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! O' how I love thee.

My two most favorite songs have to be "Jesus" from "Willing Heart" and "Message from a King" from the self titled CD. You are such a dear sister in Christ. Thank you for being obedient to our Lord and King and using your God given Gift to bring us such beautiful music to touch the hearts and minds of those who have ears to hear and appreciate it.

Have a Great day with Jesus; 
Randy Cosier

Hi Kelly, Blessings to you this beautiful summer day. I have been listening to Praise Broadcasting Network and it has been such a delight and joy today.

Thank you for responding to my little e-note. I'm excited to order some of your CD's. I just love all that great music that draws you close to HIM. When we just forget about ourselves and magnify the Lord and worship HIM, all our hurts and problems seem to just fade away or they seem weightless. Your music is like a soothing aloe to me, the way David's music was to King Saul. The Lord bless your day as you worship and praise HIS wonderful name. 
Christian Derryberry

Kelly, having known many pastors and musicans over the years, I just want to add Dwinelle's and my encouragment to you. God has used you to personally minister to us over and over again, through the power of His Spirit, through your music. 
Blessings, jeff

Hello Kelly; I just want to mention that your music really resonates with me. When I listen to your music I feel as if I'm in the presence of my Jesus. It really is food for the soul. I have been Challenged by, Moved by, Inspired by, Comforted with, and in Love with your music for 33 years. Thank you Kelly for being a faithful servant.

P.S. and if you ever happen to be in Lincoln, Nebraska, I would really enjoy hearing you in concert. 
Sincerely, Randy Cosier (a bondservant of Jesus the Christ.) 
Philippians 4:7

Kelly, thanks for your music and ministry over the years. You've had a big influence on my writing. Thank you!! 
Brent Lamb

Kelly...I got 4 of your CD's for Christmas-Blame, Willing, Psalms and Message. I requested them because my cassettes wore out years ago and some of your songs came to mind so I put them on my Christmas list. I just finished listening to the last one today and was blown away. I have ten thousand hand picked songs on my IPOD. Even my favorite artist's albums I edit and put only the songs I like on my IPOD...I love every one of the songs on these albums, most of which remarkably you have written. They are all cherished and going on my elite list of IPOD entries. Out of the 10,000 songs there are 10- maybe 20 at the most that bring me to tears every time. Several of yours are on the list. Your songs are so moving and touching and beautifully executed instrumentally and especially vocally. Not the least of these is the song-Follow Me. I want to thank you so much for delivering so wonderfully this music into our lives and following Him in such a way that the love and devotion is transmitted from your soul to ours. It is truly inspiring musically and spiritually...

Sincerely, Don Giannico, Barnegat,NJ

Hi Kelly, I believe no one touches the heart of God like you do. I first became aquainted with your music while listening to "Time Well Spent" on WMIT in the early 1990s. This was the time of my personal awakening. The purity of the artist's vocals drew me to God like a true magnet. That was the time I began to crave the things of God in every way. I wanted the whole enchilada!!

Kelly, your tender vocals communicate real purity. It promotes a call to Holiness. I believe It draws people closer to God. 

Kelly, you were a huge inspiration to me many years ago while in college at Seattle Pacific in the early 80's. Your music really spoke to my heart and I played and sang your songs as I was finding my way as a Christian artist. A few years ago I had the privilege of meeting you in California at a Quiet Time Ministries women's day retreat where you led worship. That weekend was a turning point for me. Thank you for the example and inspiration you have been to me...I just wanted you to know. God bless you in this new year. 
Lisa Miller Reiff

Hi Kelly, I just happened to come across your blog site. Im so glad to have found a way to write to you. I wanted to let you know how much Psalms Hymns and Spiritual songs has meant to me over the past 22 years of my salvation. Your sweet gentle voice has often comforted me. Thank you for being yeilded to God to be such an instrument of blessing. 

To Kelly, Praise be to God for your music. 
I grew up as a little boy listening to your music or should I say "Blame it on the one I love" that poor record or LP played over and over in our house together with The Archers, The Living Sound, The Imperials, Evie and Andre Crouch. I'm so excited that I've found your website and can purchase that album on cd as well as from your newer cd's, wish I could find some of the other artists that I've mentioned as well.

I pray that God will continue to bless you and your music until He comes. 
God Bless 
Hylton Malander (Cape Town-South Africa)

Kelly...It arrived today and was every bit worth the wait...since I have been blessed by your music for lo these 25 to 30 years I was without these wonderful songs for some time as my cassettes totally wore out...It is now my joy to have them again but this time with the great memory of actual personal contact with the author/artist...Thanks for your concern and do not be distressed that they arrived late (Postmark was Dec 15)...All your songs are special but I especially love "Where could I go from your Spirit"...Thank You again for all that you have meant in our lives... 
Sincerley, Don and DIane

I so love your voice, beautiful sister and have had the privilege of playing your music in Detroit for many years on WMUZ. The Lord bless you!! 
Robin Sullivan

Kelly, I remember when you used to sing with Keith Green...I always wondered where some of you guys are... I miss you guys. Love your music!!! 

Kelly Willard, We thank you for replying. Keep blessing the "Lord Of Heaven And Earth" with your inspirational music. 
In The Only Way, Jesus Christ, 
Mark & Shirley Anderson

Hello, Kelly! What a delight to find your website and get caught up a bit with where you are with ministry these days. I have always appreciated your heart; you were very instrumental in leading me into greater worship especially when I was a new Christian (back in the 80s). I actually had the privilege of meeting you and Steve Camp (another big influence and blessing on my life) back in the early 80s at Estes Park, Colorado. Thank you so very much for all the blessings your music and ministry has brought to my life. 
Cindy Gildesgaard 
Boise, Idaho

Kelly- I still love to listen to your first albums. You made such a difference in my life when I was struggling to be a new mom and a new Christian. I hope and pray that you will continue to feel God's Love in all that you do. God Bless-- Diane Poch

Hi Kelly, I think I am going to cry. Thank you for your reply. I am quite moved and you have really, really made my day.

Kelly, I understand you too have seen very tough moments. My simple prayer is that God goes before you and takes each and every tear you have cried and replaces them with an inside joy and an inside peace. Just know that when Jesus looks down, He smiles constantly at you because He is very proud of you. And in moments when you cannot see Him do that, then just look around you, coz many of us here (on this earth) are clearly very, very proud of you already.

God bless and keep you safe always. 
Regards, Luke and Family

Thanks Kelly, and all the best to you and your family. My wife loves your album 'Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs' and just had to have another copy; again! It was one of THOSE special ones that minister to us at times in our lives, and for her it was when she first found Jesus, and got saved, etc. I also remember you from the 80's - when you were part of a whole new world I had just entered too. Thanks for the inspiration and being a minister and an example in music.

May God bless you all over again and again, and again...! 
Best wishes, and warmest regards, Bernard 
ps: ... and again

Kelly, I first came across your music while living in Africa. Some of our coworkers from Nashville had your music. Your music and lyrics were/are so profound to me and ushered me into God's presence again and again.

Thank you for being a valuable part of my early years as a follower of Christ and the beginning of my discipleship journey. I am so sorry for all the hardship you experienced in 2004. It must have been painful in the most extreme ways. May the Lord continue to uphold you and work His power and grace into your life and ministry. My your heart be filled again and again in the seasons ahead of you and may He be your all in all.

Peace, strength, and presence to you. 
Mark and Henriette du Bord 
Chandler, Arizona

Kelly, I have been praying for you Kelly. God has so put you on my heart. For a while it was every day. My dear mom used to listen to your music and I want to tell you , you have Gods precious anointing and it has sooooo blessed me too;. It is not just pretty singing but the Lord clearly uses your voice to touch hearts.

God bless you and thank you for your response. 
Donna Powers

Hello Kelly Willard, My name is Arnold Calderon. I live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. About 15 years ago I was going through lots of problem in my life. Same things everybody goes thru some time in life. No money, no work, loneliness, etc. An american missionary friend of mine gave me this cassette called "Willing Heart". I didn't speak english fluently but could understand a few words (the ones the lord himself was speaking to my heart). The tenderness of the voice. The love it showed, turned things around for me and gave me a different perspective of my Lord's presence in my life. It was like the Lord himself was comforting me, holding me and wiping the tears of my eyes... I 'll never forget those days. Today I still listen to my old cassettes and every time I hear the songs of that production is like a refreshing water to the thirst in my heart. I just wanted to thank you... may the Lord bless you and your family always with that same love and kindness He showed me listening to your songs in my moments of wanting.

Thanks a lot for letting Him use you. May the Lord always find you willing... 
Arnold J. Calderon

Homesick for Heaven Comment

Hi Kelly My cd came in the mail today :0) It is Awesome!!!! Thank you Love every song what an inspiration you are God Bless you Merry Christmas :0) 

Kelly, Thank you so much for your ministry. You are an amazing voice and an amazing women! God bless you. 
Tom Cochran

Dear Kelly aka Kelly's staff? Your songs brought me through several deep valleys in my life when I was younger. Lately the Spirit has been bringing some of those lyrics to my mind from my heart. I've searched your website but cannot find one song in particular. Please help me.

The bit I can remember may not even be totally accurate yet it still feeds me. I'd really like to have the whole song. 
Where can I go from your Spirit 
Where can I hide from your eyes 
Why would I wander away from you 
Knowing that You are so wise?

I've already forwarded one of your YouTube recordings to a dear friend and pray that the Lord will continue to use you in His Ephesian 2:10 plans for His own glory. Amen!


Hi Kelly, I recently purchased your Cd's online and I am enjoying the music. I am thankful to find that the music is still available through the internet. I remember hearing your music in the 80's and have tried to purchase similar music that I remember from that time, it still seems to have that freshness to it. 
Thank you, Mark

I've loved Kelly ever since I bought her album way back in the '70's, please, please post more songs from her. Thank you for the songs you have of her so far, Thank You Lord for all the peace and strength I've found through her wonderful voice.

dear kelly, i am listening to "praise HIM" on PBN right now. Each time you sing that I just have to lift my hands in Praise to God. You inspire me to just look to HIM, no matter what else is happening. Thank you so much. I just made a batch of cookies and wish I could bring some to you. and have a cup of cocoa with you. Just to say I care and love you, Your songs have ministered to me in the dark times and often I wake hearing you sing "It is good to Praise the Lord" Like its my direction from God how to start my day.

Kelly, I can't express in words how I look and listen for you each day. I am so thankful to be your friend. You make me happy in Jesus. 
Love ginny roberts.

Dear Kelly, Numbers 6:24-26. Thank you for your ministry of music to the LORD Jesus. I have appreciated your singing to our Precious Lord for a number of years. I pray He is bringing you through all things. 
Warmly, with love in Christ Jesus our Coming Lord and Saviour-Redeemer, Tom Atwood

Kelly, I was in attendance at CCF's early service today in Texas. I came with a heavy heart and troubled spirit due to life's circumstances that have evolved over the last few months. Your ministry in worship was like warm oil pouring over my spirit. Tears that had been harnessed for months began to flow down my cheeks as you began to sing, "I will never leave you...I will never forsake you..." God used your willing heart to deliver a personal message to my broken heart. I am not new to God's love and mercy. Growing up as a minister's daughter, I was exposed to the freshness of God's spirit from childhood. I myself have ministered as you and found that my music was how God inspired me to trust in His power and plan for my life.

May God continue to bless you and your willing heart ministry. Your willing heart of worship brought me to a place of assurance and peace today and I am grateful. Charlotte Tharp, Ben Wheeler, Tx

Dear Kelly, Thank you so much for writing back! I feel very blessed that I can tell you semi-personally through this email how much your music ministers to me and how your voice blesses me. Thanks again for writing back and I pray he will continue always to bless and prosper you and your ministry. 
Merry Christmas, Cheryl

Hi Kelly, Your ministry of music and heart felt ministry is appreciated greatly. Love the songs on PAGA. I was especially touched by Beautiful Jesus. I see in the cover why that is such a precious song to you. I know you are looking forward to when you and your daughter Haylie will sing directly face to face with our Saviour smiling and applauding.

Your ministry has been an extreme blessing in my life. Your songs have deep meaning and encourage me greatly. 
Your brother in Christ, Wayne Sharpe

Hello Kelly, I am writing to thank you for your ministry in music. Your songs and singing have been a real source of encouragement to me for years. When I had a gospel radio program, from 1978 - the 90's I played your music often. Now, my wife and I serve as pastors at Capital Christian Center in Bismarck, ND. I will be singing your song "Willing Heart" at the conclusion of my message this morning.

Thank you again! 
Sincerely, Dan Kent 
No matter what, keep on singing and praising Him!

Ms. Willard: thankyou very much for replying. My translation was written for our deacon affirmation ceremony. They will be also be very thankful to hear this news. thankyou again for blessing us with such a wonderful song. I have been singing it since my highschool days. I will be 40 soon, and the song have completely new meaning to me.

And just FYI, this is my translation. 
sincerely, Edmund

I first became acquainted with your music while listening to "Time Well Spent" on WMIT in the early 1990s. This was the time of my personal awakening. The purity of the artist's vocals drew me to God like a true magnet. That was the time I began to crave the things of God in every way. I wanted the whole enchilada !! Kelly, your tender vocals communicate real purity. It promotes a call to Holiness. I believe It draws people closer to God. 
Sincerely, Robert

Hi Kelly, What an absolute thrill it was to receive the "Message from a King" CD-R today when I came home from work. Alice was over the moon when I told her that her birthday surprise had arrived. I got the biggest hug I've had for ages! We are so thrilled to once again have this album in our possession.

May God RICHLY bless you and keep you wrapped in his loving arms. 
Dr Stuart (& Alice) Buchan 
p.s. I'm keeping all the packaging and your note, since it's your personal handwriting that's on everything ~ that's special!

I was just on your web site....wow I am so glad to know you are on the web! I have a tape of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs I absolutely wore out...from 1984. I had put it away years ago and recently came across it...put it in my combo tape/cd deck..and God showed up just like he did any time I played your music. The recording really wobbles so I have to get a cd...so glad to know i can! I see you give your music for a donation...i will get the $ and be back. God Bless you for your music. It surely is from heaven. Gods plan is increase..and abundance...more of Him so we can give to others...Big Blessings on your ministry! Thank you for your faithfulness in using the gift He ABSOLUTELY gave you. 
In His love, Rebecca Boutwell

Hi Ms. Willard, I am in awe that I am even writing to you after all this time. I am so blessed to be alive and actively working in the kingdom of God at a really great Radio Station for the Glory of God. Your song, A Message from a King, was the tool that Jesus used to pull me back from the very edge of losing my mind when I was at my very lowest point in life back in 1988-89. A series of events brought me to Jesus, Who saved me and led me to the ministry of which I have been an active part of since then. My life has never been the same since and I am so very grateful to God every day for that.

I was in a living hell (of which it would take way too long to go into detail) but one that God knew about all along and planned my deliverance and victory, even now. I couldn't even find your songs until just recently, when Thy Throne Oh God was playing in my spirit. It was through finding that song, that I found A Message From A King, and OH all the feelings of gratitude came flooding back to my heart. I can never hear that song without crying so deeply, because of how my Saviour called me through it.

Be Empowered, Crystal M. Gaines

Dear Kelly, I received the package yesterday with great joy! Thanks for the Paga cd, I've been listening to it again and again since I got it from the mail. I love all the songs in the album especially the song titled "Charity". I so much love your voice and your style of writing songs. Thank God for the anointing upon your life and music. I pray the Lord will restore all that you have lost through the years in such a way that it will amaze you.

My love to your team. Thank you so very much for the cd. 
Yours in Him, Adedayo Ponnle

Dear Kelly, I felt the need to write to you and encourage you. You don't know me, and that's fine. I live on Long Island, far from where you are. I was saved at the age of 19 much like yourself and have followed Christ up till now. I am 52. The first pastor I ever heard on the radio was Pastor Church Smith, and the first artist I listened to...was you...Your Willing Heart Album is still the one I listen to when altars need to be made. Your songs and your voice are a gift to many. The song, I'm not asking you to take away my sorrows.... also on the willing heart album, is one of my favorites.

Like yourself, I have faced many difficult times. Not all as tragic, but then my life is not over. I just felt the need to share with you that every time I have had to cry in desperation for God to move in an area of my life, your words and music have always been there. During the 70's the Christian artists did not seem to be as concerned about producing albums for sale as much as they were concerned about worship unto the Lord. It shows. The old Keith Green, Jamie Owens Collins, and yes even Nancy Honeytree songs still cut to the soul.

I wanted to let you know that I am one of the recipients of your gift and you have helped me through during these many years. I pray that your later rain will be greater than your former. I believe your voice is a healing salve to an angry, hurting world. 
God Bless, your friend in Christ, Ronni

Dear Kelly, I am so glad I "googled" you tonight and found your website. I have long been in love with your pure, lilting voice and your writing. As a young man, your music (especially the Willing Heart recording) was used to penetrate my heart with the Lord?s love and grace. I spent many hours meditating on God while listening to your music. God gave you just the right words to sing and such beautiful melodies! Years later, I was in Nashville attending Belmont Church with a friend and I heard a familiar voice in the praise team. I knew your beautiful voice instantly. It was a treat to tell you after the service how much your music had meant to me.

After reading your bio tonight, my heart is heavy for the trials you have faced in recent years. So many people with a heart for God have had similar circumstances, while others are mostly spared the carnage. I know that God is working something wonderful and beautiful in your life and that He will be magnified in your weakness and He will / is evident to everyone you touch. Among the saints, you are one of the most beautiful and tender of hearts. Our best days are ahead of us and they are too numerous to count! May our great and mighty Lord help us both through today. 
With much love and blessing, Carey D, Birmingham, AL

Kelly, I still love to listen to your first albums. You made such a difference in my life when I was struggling to be a new mom and a new Cristian. I hope and pray that you will continue to feel God's Love in all that you do. 
God Bless - Diane Poch

Dear Kelly, When I was in high school my best friend found your music and shared it with me. You put my thoughts and love for the Lord into words and music and I could sing with you and offer praise back to the Lord. You helped me grow in my ability to worship. Through the years I have shared your music with others and even sung your music to them from memory in sessions of prayer, repentance and surrender. How your words and music resonated with me and served as ?stones? of remembrance or memorials to what the Lord has done in my life. How can I thank you for being ?willing? to share? May the Lord go behind you and before you and grant you grace. 
Julie Cook

I was just listening to the last song on PBN until I had to get ready for the day, and how wonderful that it happened to be you singing "Praise HIM". Kelly every time I hear you sing to Jesus, I have to stop everything and just raise my hands to God in Praise and sing with you Praise to Jesus. Joining you in Praise to HIM just makes my day begin centered on HIM and HIS perfection. Thank you so much Kelly. I have many of your songs on my MP3 player and just when I am drifting off into discouragement I hear you sing "It is good to Praise the Lord" Your music is so timely. I notice your voice in accompanyment with other artists and see the humbleness you show being willing to just contribute to their music. I thank God for your constant contribution to our Worship with your music. You are a special Princess and Handmaid of the Lord and I love you. 

Dear Kelly, I would sit at the piano and play and sing "Willing Heart" over and over. And in those times when I couldn't sing the words because of my own brokeness, I would just play the beautiful melody. Long before I knew that I would ever craft my own lyric, I was drawn to everything you wrote.

I was listening to Pandora radio today at work and heard your voice singing and something compeled me to google you! Why I've never thought about doing it before, I can't say. I was so delighted to pull up your website and see that your current address in Jacksonville, Florida is just down the road from where I live....Valdosta, Georgia!

I just wanted to write and say thank you today for every moment of joy and sorrow you've transparently shared through your songs. I was learning about songwriting, every time I sang your amazingly honest lyrics.

Donna Norton

Dear Kelly, I have known your voice and your compositions since 1991. From everything I know in the field of modern christian music (not Bach and Handel...) I have to admit that I like your music an your ministry most. Your voice exudes personality, warmth and credibility. The listener always gets the impression that you are inventing the text right at the very moment of singing.

I particularly like your clean intonation, your rhythmic and melodic way of singing a melody in the style of a country and soulmixture. Well, it sounds wonderful laidback, you know.

Now a few words about the way you use to play the piano and to write arrangements: Your voicings and changes are advanced and tasteful, your timing is perfect. I like also your rhythmic concepts, for instance your fondness for general synkopes, played by all instruments together. But that musical quality is for not the goal itself. It rather amplifies the message that you want to tell. When I compared your first recordings with the "Garden"CD for example, I realized that you have learned over the years more and more in that area.. I am glad that you decided to go on, even if life was quite unfair with you.

Keep going ? there are more standing behind you in prayer than you maybe think?.:-) I'll probably never get the chance to see you in person before heaven, but I want you to know how thankful I am ? thankful for every note you`ve played and sang on those records.

Just recently it was the song "Willing Heart" on Youtube that brought me back to God. Yes, I was backslidden, more or less, but God could reach me through your anointed and credible service again. More of that on youtube, please.

God bless you! 
Warm greetings and love from Norway! 
Bernd M�ller-Bohn 
(I am a German pianist and church-organist, who immigrated 2005 to Norway)

Dearest Kelly, You do not know me, but I heard you perform at Calvary Chapel-Jax last year. (2009) I purchased two of your CDs and have been beyond blessed to listen to your words and music. Recently I went to NJ to visit my younger brother who is in Hospice Care at home. He is 64 and is at peace with the Lord. We are all celebrating together and sharing the wonderful life we have all shared together.

There are four siblings all walking with the Lord. He and his wife (60) have suffered from cancer for the last five year. She is in remission after receiving a blood transplant. We are praising God through all the pain. While, in NJ I left your CDs with them - they are enjoying them more than you could ever know. Thank you for opening your heart and soul to others, so that we may share the peace we have... 
Fondly, Annabel Amato

Kelly, I've been blessed for years by my vinyl copy of willing heart which is pretty worn out after so many years!! I would love to buy your cds, but cant afford shipping to UK. PLEASE make an mp3 download purchase option available of all your albums especially the older ones via for example cdbaby.com. Please make more stuff - if you do mp3 downloads, you could just sing popular choruses with a guitar and record it. I'll buy it for sure!! The Lord has anointed your singing to lead people into revelation. 
Lots of love, Matthew Wicks

Hello, My name is Andrea Tribitt and my father used to sing your songs when I was growing up. I still sing one of them from time to time in my quiet time with God. I have been searching for you for over 2 years trying to find a way to contact you but couldn't until now. I'd love to speak with you in regards to using one of your songs that is so dear to my heart. I am so excited about what God has done and what He is doing in my life. My eyes are filled with tears as I'm typing this message to you. I pray that we can connect and fellowship. I read some of your story and was blown away with your life of worship. I have found that "There is no true worship with out sacrifice" but it's worth it all! 

Hi Kelly, Your ministry of music and heart felt ministry is appreciated greatly. Love the songs on PAGA. I was especially touched by Beautiful Jesus. I see in the cover why that is such a precious song to you. I know you are looking forward to when you and your daughter Haylie will sing directly face to face with our Saviour smiling and applauding. Your ministry has been an extreme blessing in my life. Your songs have deep meaning and encourage me greatly. 
Your brother in Christ, Wayne Sharpe

Muchas Gracias, por sus canciones, de verdad no tienen idea de cuanto me han bendecido con sus canciones, le doy Gloria a Dios por sus canciones. 
Pastor Jose Ingalls, Arequipa Peru (Sigo sus canciones desde 1985)

Hey Kelly.... Tom & Sherry came up to stay with us for a few days on the way to Nashville after this last trip to Florida... [ last month ] They happened to leave a couple of your c.d's [ in the safe deposit box ] as they headed down the road... We had worn the vinyl off of your older ones [ "Willing Heart" being one of them ] My wife's best friend gave her life to The Lord during your performance of these songs in WPB back in the 80's... Once again: we can't take the c.d. out of the player... It's like you wrote and recorded it "yesterday"! YES: we're also jamming on PAGA too! Peace & Blessings & Our Prayers to You! 
Tony & Diana Martin

Lately I have been thinking about all the songs that I have ever heard from you,and I want you to know how inspiring they are to me.I have been a christian since the 70's and I remember how often you were on the radio.Your songs have been an encouragement to me and I trust and pray that God is richely blessing you for all the beautiful singing and giving of your heart to all of us all these years. God Bless you Kelly, John


Are you the Kelly Willard that knows: Willing Heart, I Cast all my naqd many more? If this is rigt...I want to tell you that I have singen your songs on meetings here in Norway, Sweden and meny other places. I just love them. Have it all on vinyl from the eightis. So is this the right place? On my page one of the musican sendt me a clip to day, he wondered if I remember Willing Heart..... I also recorded songs from Dallas Holm. 
Nice day from Norway, Oeystein


Thank you so much for the CD with your oldies and goodies, we are airing them on Lighthouse Christian Radio FM 101.3 San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize, Central America! Blessings sister, keep pressing on in Jesus!

Dear Kelly, You are right 1 Cor 13 is perfect for today and tomorrow. That's who we are supposed to be: people who love. And, that's who Jesus is: Perfect Love. If only the people who are called by His Name would stand up for love above all our other cares and concerns. It's funny how we have the truth and often slip and stumble right past it looking for lesser stuff than we already have. But, children do that all the time - Our Almighty Father YHWH the Name above all Names loves us even when we make mistakes.

Listening to your music, I am again filled with gladness and thankfulness that I found out His love is everlasting. 

Dear Kelly, Thank you for sending your Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs. I have SO enjoyed listening to it, especially to Psalm 139. I loved it when it first came out way back when, but recently my spiritual director set me on to meditating on Psalm 139 as I have had a series of life disasters that I needed to emerge from to find some kind of new space. I immediately thought of your song, which had stuck in my mind all those years (I think I originally had it on vinyl!)

Kelly, your music, and also the story of how you have worked through some traumas of your own, have been so profoundly helpful to me the last few weeks. Thank you so much. 
Best wishes, Maggi Dawn

Hello Kelly, Because of your ministry I became aChristian in 1979. My favorite song was "..."becausewho I am in Christ/Yes, I know He is my life/And when I get to know Him, I get to know myself." That spoke so hard to me then I got on my knees and confessed my sin, and received the Lord Jesus. 
Thank you, Kelly. 
Jim Harrelson

Hi Kelly, what an absolute thrill it was to receive the "Message from a King" CD-R today when I came home from work. Alice was over the moon when I told her that her birthday surprise had arrived. I got the biggest hug I've had for ages!

We are so thrilled to once again have this album in our possession.

May God RICHLY bless you and keep you wrapped in his loving arms. 
Stuart & Alice

I would like to say that your music has been my favorite for many years and very uplifting. Sometimes when I am discouraged or down, your music makes me feel like I can go on. I pray that the Lord will give you more songs out of your heart to bless many more people. Thank you for your obedience to God. 
William Pitts

Hi Kelly, your ministry of music and heart felt ministry is appreciated greatly. Love the songs on PAGA. I was especially touched by Beautiful Jesus. I see in the cover why that is such a precious song to you. I know you are looking forward to when you and your daughter Haylie will sing directly face to face with our Saviour smiling and applauding. Your ministry has been an extreme blessing in my life. Your songs have deep meaning and encourage me greatly. 
Your brother in Christ, 
Wayne Sharpe, Florence, Oregon

So great to see you on facebook, heard you the first time in Okla. City, love your spirit and what your music stands for, miss those days in the 70s in good old Okla.City, a lot of wonderful things took place in my life in those days and your music set the tone. I thank God for you! I still listen to your music! "Hidden Valleys" my favorite song! 
God bless, Jimmy Hoskins

Kelly, I just returned from Uganda on a two week mission. During the most difficult times (great poverty) I sang your Cares Chorus over and over again. Now that I am back home, I am listening once again to "Blame It" on my way to the office. Your inspired music continues to bless me and encourage me! Just wanted you to know how grateful I am to our Lord for blessing you with such a gift! 

Hi Kelly, I'm a pastor in southern California and one of these people who's followed your career and been blessed by your ministry-as well as prayed for you through the many trials you've had. I was just playing my Willing Heart & Blame It On The One I Love album. Be encouraged and don't stop until Jesus comes. 
Carl Prude Jr.

Hi Kelly - Your music has been a great inspiration overs the years. Thank You for your purity of spirit and unblemished sound. Grace and blessings to you! 
Randolph - Durban South Africa

"Blame it on the one I love" is my wifes favorite song of all time ! I like it too by the way ! Cares Chorus has helped me thru some tuff times. Glad to see you on Facebook. Would love to be your friend ! Bless your song writing and your ministry. 

OH my! I have asked so many about you. I went to CFNI and lived in TX, worked at Mercy Ships for a season also but YOU, LADY, the Lord used tremendously in my life thru your life in Him and your music! TY!!!! 
Peggy Caden

Just want to thank you for your life and for using your talent to Glorify God you are an amazing blessing!!!!!!! 
sincerely, Lori.

Singing "Dads Song" next Sunday for Fathers Day at our church of 3000 ppl. I have always loved your music....always and forever! 
Carol Zimmerman

Kelly...Blame it on the one I love has always been one of my favorite albums. Thank you for your ministry. 
God Bless, Gary Gardner.

Always been blessed by your ministry sister kelly. 
Walter J Santos

Kelly, You have blessed my life so much!!! Your voice is the most soothing, comforting of all & you seem like a dear friend! Just obtained "Songs From the Red Letters" - can't believe I found it after all these years..& there you were!! All the best always! 
Starr Walter

Thanks for the years of sharing your gifts... 

We've never met but we have mutual friends. I remember the day I first heard your song "Willing Heart" on the radio. I had to pull the car over and cry when I heard "He wants to know, so tell him so..." God bless your willing heart. 
Gwendolyn Moore

Saw you on Jamie Owens Collins' page. Am a huge fan. Your music always brings me closer to God. 
Robert Sobo

I have loved your music forever. God bless you & your "Willing Heart" for ministry. 
Pam Santiago

Dear Kelly, Your music has meant much to me - thank you. 
Jim Hopkins

You have an incredible gift, thank you. Col. 3:16...I love your distinctive annointed voice. 
Cary Gillaspie

Kelly...big fan..have been blessed by you over the years! 
John Helmick

Kelly i love your music. You were one of the first christian artists i use to listen too. 
Rosemary Olson

Hi Kelly - What a joy to find you on fb! Your music is woven into the soundtrack of my life. You are still in our house on vinyl and cassette, and we still listen to them. We love your love for God. Your testimony is powerful. God reigns. 
Laurel Holder

Hi Kelly, how are you? You were one of my favourite Christian artists in the 80's (have an old cassette of your album). Loved 'Songs From the Red Letters' too. I miss your singing! God bless you richly & happy Easter! 
Greetings from Northern Ireland. Tony.

Hi Kelly, I just happened to come across your blog site. I'm so glad to have found a way to write to you. I wanted to let you know how much Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs has meant to me over the past 22 years of my salvation. Your sweet, gentle voice has often comforted me. Thank you for being yielded to God to be such an instrument of blessing.


Dear Kelly, I wanted to write you and thank you for your music. I recently turned 25 years old. During a birthday dinner with my family, my mother started retelling the story of my birth. I was born at home, with a midwife. My mother told me that, the whole time she was laboring, she had your music on- and she says she had never felt closer to God in her life than when she was in labor with me. Thy Throne,Oh God was one that she distinctly remembered and mentioned. I was able to find it online and listen to it and just started crying. your voice and you music definitely pull at the heart strings. And, seeing as my mom's only recordings of your music were casette tapes, maybe she'll be getting a few CD's for christmas! Thank you again and God bless.

Shaunna Pearl 
Daughter of Ian and Annie Campbell

Dearest Kelly, I am so glad I took the time to seek out your website. My husband and I have been fans for over 20 years. My husband only knows a few songs by heart and the ones he knows are yours and Lenny LeBlanc. Does that tell you anything? :)

Kelly, I read your whole website and even ordered a CD. But I wept as I read through it. I wept for that special time in our lives when we went to church so much in CA and heard the heart of such special brothers and sisters singing to our beautiful Lord. A time before "life" really began to hurt and our faith was fiercely tested. And then I saw the picture and read of your daughter who went to be with Jesus at 18. It was bittersweet indeed and I am so sorry for your great loss.

So now I sit here and write with the hopes that you will know how much we love you, how much YOU and your music have been a part of our lives and still is. I bought the CD because we can no longer listen to your "tapes" and I wanted to surprise my beloved husband. I know that more than the CD he would love the words to some of your songs....I Am The Way; Message from A King; and the one about the man on the sand (forgive us for not remember the exact title for that one, but perhaps it is I Am The Way??).

I hope that your ministry continues to be blessed of God. And I will keep watch to see when we can come see a concert of yours. I will pass your website info to some of the pastors in the area. Thank you again for giving us such sweet memories and reminding us of how much the Lord loves us.

your sister in Christ, Cary Valdes 
Dunedin, FL

Dear Kelly, Thank you so much for coming to Kansas City this past week to be with us at New Song Christian Fellowship. It is always a tremendous honor, privilege, and pleasure to have you with us. Your wonderful music and your beautiful voice always find their mark in my heart each time I am fortunate enough to hear you sing. We all love you very much at New Song. I hope you can return and be with us again in the not too distant future. And thank you for allowing us to play music with you. That's an honor I will always cherish and treasure. 
With much love, respect and admiration, Dale Zea 
Drummer, New Song Christian Fellowship Worship Team 
Kansas City, Missouri

Thank you for posting Isaiah 54:10. The Lord has been speaking very clearly to me about His hesed - His kindness, and how my allowing Him to work this same attitude in me is paramount to being found in His perfect will. Yesterday at church I saw this even more clearer and pondered it all for the rest of the day. I went to bed last night and was meditating on the fruit of the spirit - with kindness (gentleness) being one of them. THEN, this morning I see this scripture you posted. Timely - His kindness towards me will never depart. Its ALWAYS. It was added fuel to my spirit this morning. Thank you Kelly.

By the way - your album Willing Heart was one of the first I ever bought as a new Christian way back when. It's dear to me. I ALWAYS recognize your voice when I'm listening to anything you have contributed to. 
Be Loved. Rick Mills

Thank you so much! I did receive the order a few days ago. I was so excited when I FINALLY after all these years found the cd (used to be record/cassette) that had the song "Hold On".. I used to hear it on the radio back when it first came out. I think I was coming out of high school then.

You have no idea how long it took me to find it. I never forgot that song so when the search engine came into existence it was one of the things I went searching for on and off over the years on the computer. Imagine the hysterical exciting joy when I finally turned up something in surfing around & stumbled on to it about three weeks agoJ I always thought it to be a beautiful song. I was so surprised I remembered all the words and inflections throughout the song.. I guess because I never let myself forget. And yes from 18 yrs of age to 46 yo(soon)?.. I still continue to "hold on".

Thank you so much for ministering to me through that song. I will be sure to keep you and your ministry lifted up before the Lord. I trust that the Lord will send the right people to you. 
Blessings! Gratefully In HIS Service, Angie

Hello, Kelly - As a college student, I went through a period of depression in the spring of my senior year, and your song Willing Heart was such an encouragement to me as I struggled to even ask God for help. I remember singing that song over and over as I pleaded with God to step in and fill the gap where my faith fell short. Well, long story short, God did a miraculous healing in my life and I praise Him for doing it! I also thank Him for you and your music. 
Blessings on you, Lori Walsh

Kelly, Thanks for being you! 
Joseph N. Duaime

I have loved you music for years. I have (the garden, and your 1976-1986)albums at home and have enjoyed them alot. Keep singing and never stop doing the Lord's work. God has blessed you with a talent, use it for God's glory. 

Thank You, So much for the CD that I have so longed for. I feel like I know you personally. Kelly I have 16 kids (6) adopted, I adopted then when I was a single mother. I had 3 of my own. I then married my first Boyfriend (when we were 7 and 8 yrs old) he was a single father with 6. My first child Shayla was born April 1980, I would rock her and sing to her to all of your music (Blame it on the one I love LP), it is so beautiful and I want thank you for letting your so beautiful voice minister to us. Right now my 27 year old step daughter that has been through so much is laying on my bed going to sleep to your sweet CD. I can't Thank you enough!! My daycare children love it as well! We all thank you. God bless you and all that work with you as well as your family. 
Karen Davis

Dear Kelly, I received it two days ago. I cannot tell you how much you have blessed my life. Those songs have ministered to me so much. I haven't been able to listen to them except in my head for the last ten years. Thank you for putting them to CD. I recently purchased PAGA on itunes. You are a blessing! I am a worship leader at Hales Corners Lutheran Church in Wisconsin. I was born and raised in the Assemblies of God. Your worship is beautiful. I am hoping to use some of the "Willing Heart" songs in the future here at the church if that is ok with you. 
Rambling. sorry. I just am so thankful for you. God bless you and your family. 
David Kaap

Dear Kelly~ I am listening to Fernando Ortega?s song "Creation Song" and noticed that you sang on it. I was first blessed by your music in the 80?s when I heard your album "Willing Heart". That album was such a blessing to me and I still find myself recalling the songs, especially "Willing Heart" because it spoke right to my heart. I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit through your music. God has blessed you with a beautiful voice. 
God Bless, 
Toni Miller

I wanted to write you to let you know how much I am blessed by how you have allowed the Holy Spirit to use your talent to sing and minister God's Word. I have been tremendously blessed by your music, from your solo material to the works you have done on the Hosanna worship projects. The apostle Peter told us to show forth the praises of Him who hath called us out of darkness into his marvelous light. The Lord has delivered me from a very destructive lifestyle. I never want to live a day that I am not painfully conscious of my need of further grace. Please pray that I will fulfill the calling to preach that the Lord has placed on my life many years ago. 
God bless you Kelly :) 
Don Truman Wilson

Hi Kelly, It was thirty years ago when I first heard your music. I have been listening to the same old worn out cassettes since. The Holy Spitit moves me when I listen to your songs. I can't say that about everyone. My friends tell me to "move on to the new music", I try, but the music of those years stirs my heart more powerfully. I thank the Lord for you, your words have been a great souce of comfort to me over the years when things have been pretty dark. 
Dan Meeks

Kelly, I wanted to mention how much I have enjoyed your music for the past twenty years. I appreciate the gifting that God has placed inside of you for music. It is comforting to know that there are still people dedicated in using their talents for God's glory rather than serving the interests of man. I can tell a difference that your music makes as it uplifts, magnifies, and draws people into God's presence. 
Blessings, Thomas Corsmeier

Hello Kelly. Because of your ministry I became a Christian in 1979. My favorite song was "..."because who I am in Christ/Yes, I know He is my life/And when I get to know Him, I get to know myself." That spoke so hard to me then I got on my knees and confessed my sin, and received the Lord Jesus. Thank you, Kelly!

Dear Kelly, 
You have been on my heart a lot lately. I was in last Days Community in Texas 1979 -1980 and visited with Keith Green the week of the plane crash in 1982 (I should have been on the plane but that's another story).

Anyway, I want you to know how much your songs have meant to me since 1979. It's not just the words, or your voice, but the Spirit of God blowing encouragement and confidence and strength though it. Simple, yet amazing! I have recently downloaded Paga from iTunes and the same Holy Spirit is still "brooding" over the recording. Strange, it's not you (or your daughter) it's JESUS!! So hard to explain what I am trying to say to you, but I hope you get a jolt of real encouragement from me to you...

Here are a few thoughts that have meant alot to me recently with all the storms and pain and trials: 
~The "little things are the big things" 
~Loss is always hard. 
~You can't go back. You can only sit where you are until you are ready to take the hand of Jesus and walk with Him.

Dear Kelly. You have stayed true. It is all about Jesus. He turns trials into gold. Rock of all rocks is He!

Sending you my love, your "brother" in Christ Jesus, 
Rick Oswald

Kelly, Praise God for your angel-voice. I have listened to you often since first hearing you on a tape I received while serving in the Air Force in '90-'91 Gulf War. Samaritan's Purse sent out the album under the title of Songs of the Red Letters. The album was released several years later on CD. Praise the Lord for that because I totally wore out the cassette tape. I charted out most of the songs on the album and played/sang them in many churches over the years. Ya just can't beat a song that has the very words of Christ in it! Thank you Kelly - your voice melts my heart and brings me into the very presence of my God. 
-TK from Okinawa

Dear Kelly, I have received tremendous inspiration and healing over the past 20+ years from your album "Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs"...I never tire of the songs and it is like a balm to my soul in times of spiritual need or dryness. There is a special anointing of the Holy Spirit on those songs which never ceases to amaze me. As a Christian I too have been through the devastation of divorce and the loss of my stepdaughter to suicide in 2003--so my heart really goes out to you. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please know that your early music ministry continues to bless me over and over again, and I am looking forward to hearing your new CD! 
Love and Peace in Christ our Lord, 
Laura Vandivort

Dearest Kelly, I must thank you for your amazing music. You have such a beautiful gift from God. My name is Elizabeth, I am 15 years old and I love your music. Since I was born, my mother put on the cassette "Bless my little girl". I listened to it every night- I could not sleep without it! Thank you so much for blessing me with your music. I still know all the lyrics and I often sing them to my younger sister at night time. You are awesome! May God bless you greatly. 
Love Elizabeth.

Kelly, You have no idea how happy I am to find your site up and running. During an extremely difficult time in our family some years ago, we some how came to possess your Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs cassette. Each night as we went to sleep we listened to it as a family. After all this time, I can still hear your godly voice bringing me peace. I am ordering another copy and can't wait to surprise my daughter with it! Thanks for continuing to share the gift God has given you. 
Sincerely, Judy

Kelly--Thank you for your wonderful music over the years. I cannot begin to tell you how much it has meant to me and my family. We live in northwest Washington State, have been here since 1977 when we moved from northern California, have raised 3 boys, and now are raising a 10 year old girl from China. So many times over the years your music has cut through all the stress and hardness of life and melted my heart. At times during one of your worship melodies, I have truly felt the door of heaven open up, and Jesus right there. Kristi and I have been married 37 years after having come out of the drug culture and being saved in the late 60's. How much we appreciate you. Thanks. 
Terry Steben

Dear Kelly, I wanted to write you and thank you for your music. I recently turned 25 years old. During a birthday dinner with my family, my mother started retelling the story of my birth. I was born at home, with a midwife. My mother told me that, the whole time she was laboring, she had your music on- and she says she had never felt closer to God in her life than when she was in labor with me. Thy Throne,Oh God was one that she distinctly remembered and mentioned. I was able to find it online and listen to it and just started crying. your voice and you music definitely pull at the heart strings. And, seeing as my mom's only recordings of your music were casette tapes, maybe she'll be getting a few CD's for christmas! Thank you again and God bless. 
Shaunna Pearl 
Daughter of Ian and Annie Campbell

Hello Kelly. Because of your ministry I became a Christian in 1979. My favorite song was "..."because who I am in Christ/Yes, I know He is my life/And when I get to know Him, I get to know myself." That spoke so hard to me then I got on my knees and confessed my sin, and received the Lord Jesus.

Thank you, Kelly 
Jim Harrelson

Hi, This morning while in worship service, the Lord brought to mind this CD and the songs on it. My mother is gone now but she used to play it often and I remembered my little boy (he was little then he is 20 now ) would sing his little heart out to that cd. Precious memory to me. I would love to get the sheet music to Psalm 139 to be able to sing it. Would you please let me know how I might order it?

I am so glad God directed me today to remember your songs and your precious voice. I really enjoyed reading your website today. May God bless you with the finances and places to sing and worship him and to take those songs to those who need him.


My father introduced me to Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual songs when I was very young. Our tape was well worn from hours of play on family trips. This music is synonymous with my earliest memories of faith and joy in our Saviour. I've been watching for your site to be developed from my college days. Out of curiosity I checked your site again (as I've done off and on for 5 yrs.) and I was ecstatic to see it up and running today. We are so happy to beable to purchase your cd's, especially your earliest albums, and support Willing Heart Ministries. We look forward to enjoying your newer work as well.

God's richest blessings as you pursue your new call to minister in music to the poor and imprisoned. 
Peace, Erica J. Chapman

I'm so excited to have found your website! You have been my inspiration and absolutely favorite singer since I gave my life to Christ back in 1977. I have purchased everyone of your tapes and sung many of your songs at my church. I'm now looking to purchase more of your soundtracks if they are available. Your voice has truly been anointed and has brought me through many trials in my christian walk since the 70's. I'm so excited to see you have just made a new CD. I have no doubt it will be truly anointed and inspiring as all the others. God continue to use you to reach out to others in song. 
In Christ...Pam

I have been wanting to write to you for sometime, Kelly? all that you have gone thru, and your love for Him never ceases, you are truly an inspiration to me?I remember when you were at Calvary Chapel in West Covina, CA. and I fell in love with your heart and music. That was early 80's? I am now 54.. hah!

Our lives are being shaped and molded for His benefit? nothing less. He has promised us oh so much, Kelly..and I could wait to be with my Father. My heart goes out to you--when I heard about your beautiful daughter, I cried so mu8ch?and I listed to Paga, for days, eps the duet with her on that one beautiful song.

Well, anyway, you have touched me and keep me hanging on to my Lord. Amazingly, we all have issues, and some more than others, but we end up with Him eventually?that's all that matters. We strive thru it all?oh Kelly, we know who we are in Him?.and He has given us Himself..for us..wow! Will you ever come out to California??? I wish to meet you and hear you sing! 
We love you in Him! - Elena

Your music has been a big part of my Christian experience since the late '70's. I'm so happy that the old albums are available again! I have prayed for you over the years, as the Father has brought you to my heart and mind. And I have a beautiful red-haired daughter named Kelly (she's 11), after you. Blessings to you and yours, and on all the Father gives you to do. 
Warmly, Christine

Kelly --I have tried two different times in my life to tell you how much your ministry has helped me. I have been with you from your very first album and play and cherish your music above all other artists. Your voice and piano are so amazing, but your spirit and ability to present praises to the Lord are totally from the Holy Spirit. I admire you and love you as a fellow christian. Thank you for sharing yourself with us all!! 
Pat Wiseman

Dear Kelly: I have followed your music career over the years and discovered your site through listening to PBN one day. Claudia and Pat were discussing your soon to be concert in Maryland then.

My name is David Russell, similar to you in age, married, 2 adolescents, and am sightless from premature birth. Musically, I played weekends at a piano bar in Washington, D.C., when I lived there in the 1980's. Most requested was Piano Man or American pie! Now, for 10 or so years I have played for our church services where I grew up.

Thanks for being a positive encourager to my faith and that of many, I am certain. We may never meet in this life, but it's a pleasure to say thank you! 
Blessings to you and yours, David Russell, Michigan

Dearest Kelly, I have listened to you and have been ministered to by your worshipful music and soulful voice over the years. So I have found myself wondering lately what on earth you are doing! Thus I visited your website this evening. How wonderful and refreshing to see a life of steady service to the Lord, and of sharing sharing sharing God's goodness with others. This blesses me. Thank you! 
May all God's blessings be yours. Jim Kennedy, San Diego

Dear Kelly, Thank you for helping me return to my first love Jesus. The past decade found my heart in a dangerously dark place after losing my baby son and two resulting miscarriages. (We are currently adopting three foster children and sense God has given us a precious privilege) Your heart and desire for the Lord in your lyrics powerfully draw me back to Him whenever I listen to you. When I feel anxious, you minister peace. You restore my hope in the Lord and have given me back a desire to live for Him that I had regretably lost, even after God had saved me and turned my life around so much as a new believer back in 1982- those days when I first listened to your music. I`m excited that you`re available to us once again! I love you SO much in the Lord and am so glad I can actually contact you! You are such a precious sister in the Lord to me. I really hope to meet you someday. 
Much love and blessings to you, Laura Holman

Dearest Kelly, There are probably many more people who read your website and personal comments than you realize, so thank you for keeping us updated and informed of what you're doing. I personally am so excited to listen to the new CD that I can't see straight. Your voice... there is only one voice in the world like it, and it is yours. It is the voice of such beauty, that it seems like the Heavenly Father Himself stops what He's doing, and the angels as well, and turns to listen when you sing. Because you sing of His beauty, you sing of Him. And we are moved to more deeply love Him. 
Thank you, bless you, and may the Spirit of the living God pour over you with His presence and life. Kelly, keep singing. We feel His pleasure. You are a treasure, and are deeply loved. 
Jeffrey Van Horn

Hi Kelly I can't tell you how your music touched me as a teenager swotting for exams, during my darkest hours in the army (all male 18 year-olds serve 2 years in my country), then early adulthood, and up to now. I swear I can sing every song on "Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs" by heart, even though I've worn out the two consecutive magnetic tapes in the 90s! Looking forward to your new CD! All the best and God bless. 
Another fan from Singapore, Josh.

God bless you Kelly. You have no idea how much your music has been a blessing to us. Through sickness and loss, it has been a comfort to us. I have recorded it over and over for those in one crisis or another. I am looking forward to your new project. You are one of the most annointed people I have ever heard. I recently did a search on you and found your site, I am grateful to be able to say thankyou Kelly for your ministry. 
Andrew Lizarraga

Over the years, your life and music have been a blessing and an inspiration to me, and have served to draw me closer to the heart of God...thank you!!!! 

Got here from Bill Batstone's "friends" list. I just wanted to let you know that for about 30 years, you have been my absolute favorite Christian Singer and songwriter. I wish that you would do more. I still listen to you all the time. "I feel like I wanna praise Jesus but I don't even think I know how, but the Spirit gives groanings too deep for words so here I am take me now, Alleluia....Kelly thank you for sharing your gift with the world! You lead me in my most intimate times of worship to this day! God bless you and keep you! 
Sincerely, Sharon

So glad to see the sight. You are my favorite. It is hard to put into words the impact you have had on me and others. Have an awesome day. I can't wait to hear your new work. Thanks for being real. 
Dennis Lee

Kelly, I still have your second vinyl album "Willing Heart".

That song changed my life. It was at a time that I was newly married and in full time sales while being a 'part-time' worship leader at my church. A friend of mine asked if I had heard of anything that you had done lately as far as recordings. I said that I didn't know and the fact that he mentioned your name out of the blue was interesting to me. I had never talked to him about you, even though we speak about worship and our churches all the time. So I looked you up and here you are serving faithfully. Thank you for your contributions to the body of Christ and your pure, simple praise that comes out of your heart to your Daddy that we have an opportunity to listen into. Thanks again & God Speed 
Kirk Severs

Your music and Keith Greens were the first Jesus music I heard. I was very critical until a friend loaned me his car for a 2 hour trip and told me to listen to the Kelly Willard tape. It didn't take me long for the Holy Spirit to touch my heart and I began to weep the Holy Spirit used you to gently correct me and bless me. From that time on whenever I listened to your music or sang your songs the same tender message has come through. It is such a blessing to be able to thank you for your ministry in music, though I could never express how much encouagement I have received over the years. Thank you for being a sweet vessel of the Holy Spirit. I look forward revisiting your past work and the new work. I believe as long as He wants to use you, you will touch the hearts of hearts who are dry and empty. 
Thank you again so much for your willing heart. Dann Clock

Dear Kelly, I am so happy! Thank you so much for sending the CD and the proper one at that! I must have listened to the track Garden literally dozens of time since yesterday tea time...that track ministers to me in the mighty heart rending power of the Holy Spirit. So thank you so much for your ministry and I praise Messiah Jesus for the gifting He has poured into your heart and I thank you for sharing it for the building up of the brothers and sisters. May He cause your light to rise in the darkness and may your night become like the noonday. May He strengthen your frame, may He continue to cause you to be a well-watered garden, a spring of waters bubbling up forever with eternal life! I am so very grateful! 
Peter Sherwood

Dear Kelly, The worship Music you sing is anointed by God, and I Pray that you continue to enjoy full Favour from God and more Grace for Worship through Music in Spirit and in Truth. God Bless You for He is Good. 
Thomas Rewe, A Kenyan Student studying in Germany, Just listening to your interview with Pat on PBN RADIO.

Hi Kelly: My soul yearns to hear you sing the praises of the Lord. No one soothes my soul in song the way you do. No other artist speaks to my heart they way you do. You sing what I feel. I wrote you a letter...I know you receive many...but I wrote you a letter some 20 years ago incorporating all the titles to each song on the Willing Heart album in my letter. Willing Heart is my favorite album EVER!

I have sang your songs in churches over the years. I've sang your songs in the shower as tears streamed down my face. Each song means so much to me. I asked God for a "willing heart" when I didn't have one. God has taken me through many trials and your music has stayed in my soul all the way. I praise God that "this butterfly is finally flying happy in her flight." You bless me so. I pray you make it to Sacramento soon. You are my soul sister. 
Love, Treess Cannon-Davis

Kelly, I have listened to your gifted worship since I heard your first recording in 1985 from Vineyard. Then I purchased your albums as they came out. I am so blessed to come across your site and see that you are fully engaged. 
- Kevin from Minnesota

Thanks. I have received the CDs. 
More than 20 years ago as a teenager in the 1980s, I have been ministered by your songs when they were available in cassettes. Somehow over time, the cassettes became worn out and I have missed listening to these songs for years. 
With the CDs, even though many songs are "old" and familiar, there is still a strong anointing upon them. Thanks for your life and ministries. May the Lord continue to work and flow through you! 
Regards, Jonathan

Kelly, I just received my music parcel. I listened to both Cd's and I loved it! I was truly drawn away by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for surrendering all to God. It is evident that He is in you and with you. Kelly, how can I find your recording of "The Love of God" and other recordings with Maranatha, etc? My sister is going to be so pleased that I found you website and songs. 
Last thing. Kelly, God used your latest song "Charity" on Paga to help me deal with some life losses, questions and concerns. I received a tremendous spiritual breakthrough. My wife and I played it while resting through the night. And we prayed together this morning while listening to the song. It helped us to realize that obtaining Christ-like love is the ultimate goal. May you and your family have a fantastic evening. Thanks again for being sold out for JESUS! THAT'S REALLY LIVING! 
Sincerely, Charles & Nafeesha Johnson

Hi, Today, I'm received 2 cd's. They are espectacular! Thanks for your support. Much love from Chile, 

Dear Kelly, The three CDs came this afternoon!!! The beautiful music God has gifted to you once again is blessing our ears and our souls, and our home...Thank you soooooooooo much! God Bless! 
Randy and Karen MacDonald

Dear Kelly: I did indeed receive the albums, and what a blessing they are. Kelly, I was saved in 1972 as a 9th grader in High School in Poway, California. Your music has been a blessing to me all these years. Not only is your music absolutely beautiful, but the lyrics constantly inspire me to live a committed, surrendered life to Jesus. I am a Southern Baptist Pastor living in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas.

Also, Kelly, I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter. I wept when I learned of it a few months ago. The song you both sing on the Paga album is awesome. I have prayed for you and I pray that God will continue to bless your life and ministry. Even though we have never met, I consider you to be a dear, dear sister in the Lord! 
God Bless You, Bro. Eric Ertle

Colossians 1:6 "This same Good News that came to you is going out all over the world. It is changing lives everywhere, just as it changed yours that very first day you heard and understood the truth about God's great kindness to sinners." I am still praying & thank you so much for your music ministry to Him & the Body of Christ & all who will listen. Love, El

Dear Kelly, I love you. Your music has been my favorite for 26 years. This summer we are going to Hawaii on a Dance Evangelism Missions Trip. The Lord has impressed upon me the power of dance to reach the lost. We will be using your music for our dances. I will be praying for you and your family. 
Love in Christ your sister, Debbie London

Hi Kelly, The CD arrived yesterday. Thanks for your heart and helping me remember why I follow Jesus. Blessings, sam

The rare moment is not the moment when there is something worth looking at, but the moment when we are capable of seeing. 
- Joseph Wood Krutch

Dear Kelly,

Your song & music gift touched me very deeply in 1982. I was attending college and was a very hurt girl inside. Life had disillusioned me and I did not know what to do. I went to the local music store in my home town of Healdsburg, California called 'Melody Music' and the owner very kindly recommended your album 'Willing Heart'. I will "never forget" just how much that song 'willing heart' helped me to find my way out of what I was in.

When I got planted in a local church I would sing that song for others and it helped them too. Kelly, your gift helped me when I really needed it most. It was so pure and so deep that I was able to draw close to the Lord and find his light in the darkness of my own choices. I can never forget that.

Dear Kelly....thank you for being willing to keep giving of your gift, thank you very much. 
Sincerely, Rita

Hi Kelly, 
I just wanted to let you know I am praying for you! OH! You are such a treasure! I pray blessings and peace and love upon you and all yours! 
Love, Karla

Thank you, Kelly, for being such an unbelievable inspiration in my walk with God.

I have listened to your music since the early 80's. God has truly blessed you with not only a wonderful voice but you have the abilility to draw people into the presence of God as well as anybody. I just had to write you and say thank you for being obedient to God. God has trusted you with much including a lot of pain.Yet, even through it all you have kept your eyes on Jesus.What a testimony! I know God will reward you greatly for your persistence, and you will see your lovely daughter again. I will pray for you and your family and ministy. 
God bless you, Kelly. 
Love in Christ, Frank Outten

Hi Kelly, I've been a fan for over 20 years, and your Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs CD was instrumental in drawing me to the Father. I am also a worship vocalist at my home church, and there's nothing like helping others into God's Loving Presence! I must say as well, that I am truly so sorry for the profound losses that you have experienced, and am grateful to hear that the Lord has restored you and is continuing to heal you and your family. I will be praying for you as the Lord leads. 
Love & Blessings, Gabrielle Rogers

1981 is the first time I heard your music. Thank God for your testimony and even through your hardships He is enhancing the fragrance of His wondeful annointing on your life. My wife Jill faced brain surgery in 1999, and it was your music that gave her strength the night before the surgery! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us!!! I can't wait to meet you someday and tell you how your music has inspired me! 
Jon Lehman, New Albany, Indiana

Hi Kelly, We just want to say thanks for taking the time to come and share your voice and message the Lord has given you to the broken. What a true blessings to meet you, you have touch many lives here at the mission. 
Thanks again for your caring heart, 
Shalom, Gary Clark, Program Director Seattle Union Gospel Mission

Kelly has been one of my favorite artists for over 25 years. Her music has an anointing that heals and encourages. There have been many times in my own life when I faced challenges, and her music brought encouragement and expectation out of feelings of defeat and failure. When she sings here at the Chapel, I always hear comments from our congregation about how they are ministered to and touched by the presence of God flowing through her. I am proud to be her pastor and her friend. 
Pastor Steve McCoy 
Beaches Chapel Church, Neptune Beach, FL

Kelly, Your music has been a part of my praising God in hard times & in joyous ones. I have seen your heart through your songs and I thank God for you and your ministry. I too have been looking forward to the release of your new CD, so put me on the list when its ready. Jesus loves you and I do too. 
Bill Huntsman

As a young girl my mom would play praises sung by Kelly. I always wanted to sing that pretty. I am an adult woman now with my own children and am excited to order every CD that you have available to play in my home & car. Thank you Kelly for using your life and your beautiful talent to Praise our wonderful Lord Jesus! God bless you! 
Sincerely, Wendy

I am praying for you Kelly, since I looked you up on the Internet. I thought of you one day recently and typed your name into the search on the Internet. I have loved your music in the past. I first heard you in the 80's. I came back to the Lord in the early 80's after being a prodical daughter for about 10 years. Your music ministered to me so much and helped me and taught me to worship the Lord in spirit and truth. I look forward to more of your anointed music in the future. How are things going with the PAGA CD? 
Love and blessings, Nancy

I am SO glad that you have started working on your site. I ventured here several years ago and saw very little details about your albums, but now, it's changed into so much more!

Kelly, I grew up listening to your music from birth and everytime I'm feeling a little down or out of touch, I turn to your song and prose and it lifts me up with tears of great joy and happiness that the Lord loves us all very, very much. Your voice has trained my own vocal style as I grew up, and it wouldn't be umcommon to hear or see me recording myself on an old recorder at 5 or 6 singing one of your songs. My mother brought me to your music from when you got your first album release, in 1977, the year I was born -- while we lived in Santa Ana and were attending Calvary Chapel. I look forward to anything new you might produce and will do my best to try and see you live. 
Peace be with you and God Bless! 
Love, Mandy

dear kelly, thank God for the songs you bring to the body of Christ. when I got saved in 1979 thats when everything came crashing down on me. then I met my husband, he told me have I heard of kelly willard. I said no, he said you sing like her. I feel so humble, thats a big complement. can't wait for the new CD. every chance I get I sing your songs in church. 
be blessed, cheryl vanburen

I am currently in Germany and would desperately want to have a copy of the album willing heart. I would like to know if there is another alternative for me to send the money to you so I can get the CD as soon as possible. Your music has really been a blessing and has ministered not only to me but also to my family. God bless you and I love you Kelly Willard !!! 
onathan Mukosha

What a great thing to find your site and be able to say thanks. I first heard your voice on a Maranatha recording about 20 years ago. The song was "Your Steadfast Love" lifted from the Psalm. I've never forgotten it; I've sung it; I've shared it. The soulful genuineness of your voice is a gift I'm glad you share. God has used you in times you'll never know about. Music with your stamp is an inspiration. 
Rita Ruby

I just want to say how blessed I have been by your ministry! There is such an anointing in your singing that encourages anyone to bow down and worship the Lord. There is a particular line in one of your songs that keeps ringing in my heart... "If you don't have a willing heart ask Him to give you one". Keep up the good work, for what you do for Jesus Christ is not in vain! 
Ruben Mascareno 
Praise & Worship Leader 
Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, Chula Vista, CA

Your passionate heart always shines through whenever I hear your voice and reached into deep places in my heart that are unaccesible by other means, opening them up to the healing love of our Heavenly Father. Thank you Kelly. 
Larry Pape. 
(By the way I have a daughter named Kelly in honor of you)

Dear Kelly, I grew up listening to your 1st album Willing Heart casette when I was 12 in 1980. I was greatly blessed by your songs and I've been buying a lot of casettes then when you were singing with the Maranatha Singers. I'm glad till this day, your songs still minister to me and a relative of mine who loves you a lot! She was into drugs in her teens then and I gave your cassette Willing Heart. She was ministered and praise the Lord, she is happily married and till this day she would ask if I have a CD version. Well I tried to convert all my cassettes to CDs but the effect isn't good! I love many of your albums - Willing Heart, Psalms, and Message from a King!

Love you always and May the Lord use you for His Work! Amen! Hopefully you would come to Singapore one day as Don Moen and Lenny Leblanc has come before! Awaiting for that day when you would come to Singapore! 
Love you In Christ, Paul from Singapore!:)

I was so thrilled to find this website. I had been searching for your music at Berean to no avail. I just recieved my cd's in the mail the other day and what an enormous blessing!!! I miss the simplicity of the Christian music in those days. The gospel is simple and people often complicate it. I thank God for your ministry and your heart. Keep on doing what you do best!! 
In His Grace, Caroline Thompson

Hi Kelly, Just want to send out a warm hearted thank you for such a loving hearted servant that I had the chance to listen to throughout the years of my life. The songs and melodies. Hearing God's voice in the depths of my heart when you would sing. And it still takes me back to the places where I was feeing God in the most child like ways. I still cry for such longings through your music deep in my soul as it plays... "God is near." 
Your in my Prayers & in my heart, Doug Pagan - Zeph 3:17



Dear Kelly Willard, Thank you for blessing me with all of the songs that you have written and sung. Your songs are my favorite, and I have been listening to them regularly for the past 25 years. You don't know how much they have ministered to and encouraged me when my spirit needed lifting. Thank you for this website, so I can send in for some CDs today. 
God bless you, Martin McNally

Hello Kelly, Just a quick note to tell you how blessed I have been to listen to your music these past years. You have been instrumental in helping me to stay focused on our Lord. I am away from home many days of the year.I work in the oil fields all over the U.S. I work on my computer every day and listen to your beautiful music. It helps me to stay strong in my walk and makes me happy. Thank you and PBN for such a great blessing. You and your's are in my prayers. 
Billie Joe----Abilene, Texas

Hi there kelly, I have been a fan for more than 20yrs here in south africa. the willing heart album touched my life in more ways to mention.your music is inspiring uplifting and a blessing.i was touched by the loss of your child as i have a daughter born in 1986, and pray that your husband has a speedy recovery, and remember that all things work together for the good for those who love him. 
your sister in christ from South Africa, Julie

Dear Kelly, I have listened to Contemporary Christian music since my early teens, but nothing is more reminiscent of quiet Sunday afternoons awash in warm light than God's gentle assurance beaming through the comfort of your voice. You have defined "Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs" for me. God must be palpably present in personal worship, inspiring our minds and moving our hearts. I remember the tears as I listened to your rendition of Psalm 139 again and again. You've made that my favourite Psalm ever since. The sincerity of your faith permeates every song. Your rendition of Follow Me is a touching, humble departure from all the torched and gut-wrenched emotion with which many singers imbue that song. You have gone beyond the music and the beauty of your voice to communicate with your spirit. And it touches us, your listeners, who quietly listen for God and His Truth amidst the distraction of a polished performance. 
Thank you for sharing your heart and spirit, and not just the song. 
Sincerely, Winston Ong

Dear Kelly, I am so very happy that you have your website and this blog.God has used your music to be a tremendous blessing to me over the years and I know He has so much more for you to do in His Kingdom!

I have to share a testimony of how God sovereignly used one of your songs to bring a huge breakthrough in my life. Long story short, I was going through a time of tremendous oppression and condemnation from the enemy, just feeling so low. I went to turn on my tape player and "accidentally" turned on the radio, and your song "Message from a King" came on the radio and God used it to directly speak to me His love and brought a real breakthrough. I had never heard the song, and after that, I had to find the song and that was my first introduction to your music. I bless you in Jesus' name, much love in Christ, 
Your sister in Him, Melinda Rose

Hello Kelly, I can't wait until your new projects come out!!!!!!!! You have been a blessing over the years to millions of people. I am sure that when we hear you again you will know that you have not been forgotten. I am now a middle aged black man (Christian) who had to educate my friends about your sound and ministry years ago. When I played keyboard, I would sing your songs in an all black church. The people just loved it. I would tell my wife every time I heard your voice on another artists project. Your clear crisp voice, perfect pitch and your soulful licks were awesome to me.

I am a minister now and because of your work, and the inspiration it brought me, I really became a Willing Heart. We had struggles, and I say we because I heard about what you went through in your marriage, but we are still here. God is still in control and shows us His love, kindness and mercy every single day. May God continue to bless you. 
Jesus Forever, Elder James Tuggle

Hello Kelly, I sent you an email. I will try to catch you here when I can. I put your site in my favorites. I'm so glad you are who you are. God has blessed you with a great gift. Be encouraged. God is not through with you. Your spirit is ready to speak to our spirits, and we want to hear what you have to say. 
James Tuggle

Hi Kelly! You may not remember me, but that's ok. ha! Today I'm pulling out all of my oldie worship CDs finding songs on the Blood of Jesus and found a treasure! THE SERVANT KING with the old Maranatha group, and you are the one singing the flowing river sound (milk and honey). So I'm creating a personal Blood of Jesus emphasis CD for soaking times. You don't know how much you sowed into me as a new believer and worshipper! I soaked over and over again in your devotional heart. You have great treasure in heaven!!! I'm forever grateful for your life!!! You've got the goods and don't you ever forget it. What God deposits He does not withdraw - what He gives He will not take away... 
Bless you! John Belt