Blame It On The One I Love (Maranatha!Music)
Willing Heart (Maranatha!Music)
Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs (Maranatha!Music)
Message From A King (Maranatha!Music)
Garden (Asaph Records)
Lookin' Back {"Best Of KW"} (Maranatha!Muaic)
Bless My Little Girl {Lullaby} (Integrity Music)
My First Christmas (Integrity Music)
Faithful Heart / Songs from the Red Letters (Maranatha!Music)...with Rita Baloche, Billy Batsone, Lenny LeBlanc  
Homesick For Heaven      





Rita Baloche
  • Give It All To The Lord
  • Praise Him
  • Bowing My Heart (w/Paul Baloche)

Brown Bannister
  • There is a Redeemer

Billy Batstone
  • If The Son Sets You Free
  • It is Good to Give Thanks To The Lord

David Baroni
  • To Be a Child Again

Bob Bennett
  • Our God and Father

Bruce Carroll
  • Sometimes Miracles Hide

Milton Carroll
  • Who Will Bring the Children to His Throne

Morris Chapman
  • Love One Another
  • All Heaven Declares

Terry Clark
  • He Is Our Peace

Paul Clark
  • Woman/Man That I Love
  • Altar Of Love
  • Love Of My Life

Jim Cole
  • If Time Could Really Tell

Dion DiMucci
  • There In Your Heart

Roby Duke
  • Our Love

Barbara Fairchild
  • Mary Washed His Feet With Her Tears

Bob Fitts
  • As You Give Unto These

Steve Fry
  • Only You

Buddy Greene
  • Only God
  • All Creatures of Our God and King

Keith Green
  • I Want to Be More Like Jesus

Steve Green
  • He Who Began a Good Work
  • Hidden Valleys
    Ed Kerr
  • You'll See a Man

Lenny LeBlanc
  • There Is None Like You
  • Your Steadfast Love
  • Your Love
  • Open My Eyes
  • No Greater Love
  • Love Them
  • God, How I Long to be Near To You

Julie Miller
  • I Will Arise and Go to Jesus (w/Russ Taff)

Fernando Ortega
  • Is This the Night of Your Return
  • Lord I want to be Like Jesus

Twila Paris
  • I Feel It
  • Leaning On the Everlasting Arms{w/Jamie Owens-Collins}

Cindy Richardson
  • Grace Alone

Rick Riso
  • Think About His Love

Harlan Rogers
  • At The Cross

Haylie Willard
  • Beautiful Jesus


Let's Forget About Ourselves
Praise 3 / Maranatha!Music

I Believe In You
Praise 5 / Maranatha!Music

Make Me A Servant
Praise 6 / Maranatha!Music

Cares Chorus

He Is Our Peace
Praise 7 / Maranatha!Music

No Other Love
Praise 8 / Maranatha!Music

The Servant King
Soften My Heart
Praise 11 / Maranatha!Music
Praise 9 / Maranatha!Music

Humble Yourself
Praise 12 / Maranatha!Music

Lord Of Love
Praise 12 / Maranatha!Music

All Heaven Declares
Praise 13 / Maranatha!Music

Lord, You Are So Precious To Me
Praise 14 / Maranatha!Music

I Surrender
Praise 15 / Maranatha!Music

Like A Deer
Praise 17 / Maranatha!Music

He Loves Me
Praise 17 / Maranatha!Music

Jesus, You Are My Life
Praise 17 / Maranatha!Music

Here Am I, Send Me
Praise 17 / Maranatha!Music

I Love The Lord
Praise 18 / Maranatha!Music

I Can Begin
Praise 18 / Maranatha!Music

In Your Presence/None Like You
Praise 18 / Maranatha!Music

Grace Alone
Praise 19 / Maranatha!Music

It Is Your Love
Praise 19 / Maranatha!Music

Glorify You
Praise 19 / Maranatha!Music

Nothing Can Separate Us
Praise 19 / Maranatha!Music

Have Faith In God
Praise 20 / Maranatha!Music

Draw Me To The Well
Praise 20 / Maranatha!Music

I Wait For You
Praise 20 / Maranatha!Music

When We See Him
Praise 20 / Maranatha!Music

Tender Mercy
You Are Here / Vineyard Music

Oh Lord, Have Mercy On Me
You Are Here / Vineyard Music

I'll Prepare A Place For You
Songs From the Red Letters / Maranatha!Music

I Am The Good Shepherd
Songs from th Red Letters / Maranatha!Music

No Greater Love
Songs from the Red Letters / Maranatha!Music

Come and See
Praise Band / Maranatha!Music

It Is Good To Praise The Lord

I Love You, Lord

Praise Him
Proclaim His Power / Integrity Music

No Condemnation
Come and Worship / Integrity Music

Holy One
Hosanna, Words of Worship series / Integrity Music

Joy Of My Desire
Mighty Warrior / Integrity Music

I Exalt Thee
Celebrate Jesus / Integrity Music

Oh God, You Are My God
Integrity Music

There Is None Like You
Pure Heart / Integrity Music

You Are Lord of Everything
Integrity Music

Shepherd Song
Tapestry (Evening) Warner Alliance

Unexpected Friends
Tapestry (Morning) Warner Alliance

For Love Alone
Tapestry (Morning) Warner Alliance

Holding The Memory Of You
Tapestry (Evening) Warner Alliance

Fight The Fight
Video/ Various Artists / Live Oak

Various Artists / Maranatha!Music


  • David Baroni
  • Karen Lafferty
  • Bob Bennett
  • Maranatha!Singers
  • Pearl Brick
  • (Praise 3-20)
  • Scott Wesley Brown
  • Will McFarland
  • Bruce Carroll
  • Lewis McVay
  • Morris Chapman
  • Julie Miller
  • Paul Clark
  • David Miller
  • Tommy Coomes
  • Eric Nelson
  • Roby Duke
  • Fernando Ortega
  • Emmanuel
  • Paul Overstreet
  • Barbara Fairchild
  • John Pantry
  • Faithful Heart: Songs from the Red Letters
  • John & Debbie Phillips
  • Stoney Ferguson
  • Twila Paris
  • Bob Fitts
  • Praise Band 1 & 2
  • Oden Fong
  • Psalms Alive Series
  • Buddy Greene
  • Lulu Roman
  • Keith Green
  • Ricky Skaggs
  • Steve Green
  • Billy Sprague
  • Harvest
  • Tom Stipe
  • Annie Herring
  • Dwight Thompson
  • Bruce Herring
  • Matthew Ward
  • Bruce Hibbard
  • Words of Worship Series
  • Hosanna!Integrity Worship Series
  • Chris Wright
  • Julie Joyner
  • Ed Kerr

In addition to being a solo artist and studio musician, Kelly is also an accomplished songwriter. The following is a list of a few artists who have recorded her songs.

  • The Archers
  • Laurie Boone
  • Barbara Fairchild
  • David Gates
  • Amy Grant
  • Keith Green
  • Steve Green
  • Pamela Duel Hart
  • Heirloom
  • Integrity/Hosanna Music Series
  • Maranatha! Praise Series
  • Maranatha! Kids Praise Series
  • Michele Pillar Carlton
  • Lisa Welchel
  • The Whites
  • Ricky Skaggs and The Whites